• Jeila Gueramian, A CLOUD OF STARS (2024)

Jeila Gueramian, A CLOUD OF STARS (2024)

We are thrilled to announce Jeila Gueramian’s A CLOUD OF STARS, a unique edition offered exclusively by the Wassaic Project on the occasion of our 2024 Summer Benefit.

This editioned wall piece intertwines Persian decorative elements, pagan symbolism, and a shot of the starry sky to create a narrative tapestry that explores cultural heritage, myth, and the natural world. Central to the piece is the image of a deer flying with a hoof in its mouth, surrounded by intricate Persian motifs and symbols that evoke a rich tapestry of history and mythology.

In Persian culture and poetry, the deer holds profound symbolism. Often seen as a creature of grace, beauty, and purity, the deer frequently appears in Persian literature as a symbol of the beloved, embodying the qualities of elegance and unattainability. In mystical Sufi poetry, the deer represents the soul's journey towards the divine, elusive and ever-yearning. The depiction of the deer flying with a hoof in its mouth further deepens this symbolism, suggesting a transcendence beyond the earthly realm, an ascent towards spiritual enlightenment, or perhaps the paradox of pursuit and capture in the quest for higher truths.

The inclusion of pagan symbolism and the starry sky shot within the piece serves to universalize these themes, connecting the specific cultural iconography of Persia with a broader, more universal contemplation of the cosmos and our place within it. The starry sky, vast and infinite, invites viewers to reflect on the mysteries of existence and the interconnectedness of all things.

Through this piece, Gueramian aims to create a dialogue between the past and the present, the terrestrial and the celestial, inviting viewers to engage with the layers of meaning embedded within the symbols and to find their own connections to the timeless themes of beauty, longing, and spiritual quest.

This is the second piece to come out of our object edition program, where we work closely with artists to create something outside of their usual practice. Jeila has never made an object edition before. Like Mark Dion’s Blood Red Coral (our first object edition), each edition of A CLOUD OF STARS varies subtly.

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Fabric, acrylic ink, gold beads, leather, and fur, 13 in x 12 in, variable edition of 10 + 5 APs

100% of proceeds benefit our programming.

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